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Pride in Every Petal

Rosa Flora is a grower of the freshest premium flowers since 1978.

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With just hours from harvest to delivery, Rosa Flora’s flowers are truly locally grown. Contact us today for your custom flower solutions.

The Pride in Every Petal Story

Our deeply held conviction is that flowers add a rich delight to life. Since 1978 we are blessed to be able to share this delight with you. We have 1.9 million square feet of greenhouses and growing, a fleet of 20 refrigerated trucks, and a cooler of over 35,000 square feet. Put those facts together and you have a winning equation. Three aspects are key: devotion to service, commitment to quality, and support for our environment. These pillars are the basis for Rosa Flora’s Pride in Every Petal.

We are devoted to the glory of God in growing the highest quality fresh cut flowers and ensuring the utmost level of satisfaction for our customers, attainable with the teamwork of our dedicated staff.

Devotion to service

It’s not enough to provide premium flowers without also offering outstanding service. Our passionate sales team members have an intimate understanding of the market and want to provide custom solutions for you. That means having your own sales team member get to know you and your specific business needs. Because we have control of the process from start to finish, if you want to try different packaging options or delivery times, we can work with you. We pack it your way, and deliver it in our own refrigerated trucks. You can rest assured that we are always doing our best to make it work for you. Because when your business grows, we grow.

Commitment to quality

We promise premium flowers every day. In times of economic and consumer challenges and change, we have proven our success by being nimble in our response. Working with breeders all over the world, we have influence over every aspect of the growing process to produce the best quality consistently. Rosa Flora’s team of growers, many internationally trained, bring innovative techniques in all our cutting edge greenhouse ranges. We don’t hold back from investing in new technologies whenever possible. Rosa Flora brings the newest colours and varieties to market with an eye to what you need, and we do it all year round.

Rosa Flora Limited is a member of Flowers Canada, the Society of American Florists, and the Wholesale Florist & Florist Supplier Association. These organizations assist in profitability, knowledge sharing, research and promotion.

Rosa Flora is C-TPAT certified. C-TPAT (Customs - Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) is a voluntary government-business initiative to build cooperative relations that strengthen U.S. border security. The program requires businesses to ensure the integrity of their security practices and that of their business partners within the supply chain.

Support for our environment ~ the greener way to grow

Rosa Flora is not only devoted to innovation in our product lines, but also in our energy consumption. We’re always willing to try new things that will benefit our world and our business.

In 2006, Rosa Flora received recognition from The Canadian Industry Program for Energy Conservative (CIPEC) on becoming an Industrial Energy Innovator, due to our achievements in this field. This program helps companies create a stronger economy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions through energy efficiency.

Wind Turbine

In 2006, Rosa Flora installed and commissioned a German engineered PWE650 wind turbine. Able to produce 615kW of electricity per kWh, the electricity is delivered directly into the Rosa Flora system and offsets electricity required from the Ontario grid.

Biomass Boiler

Advanced wood heating systems are an environmentally responsible and economical alternative to conventional heating systems for fossil fuels. At Rosa Flora, we source wood that is destined for landfill, and convert that waste into usable woodchips to heat our greenhouses. When wood is burned, only as much CO2 is released as the trees have absorbed during the course of their life. That’s why heating with wood is called CO2 neutral. Happily, in our resource rich country, wood is plentiful. Our advanced biomass systems are equipped with high tech controls and safety devices for reliable, efficient and safe operation.

The Water Cycle

Water is an essential part of our growing cycle, requiring significant investments in storage and treatment. The greenhouse roof structure is designed to catch all the precipitation that falls and directs it to the large holding ponds onsite. As the plants are watered, they are also fertilized. To get the most out of our fertilizers, we reuse all the water that drains from our pots in an elaborate catchment system. The water is cleaned through on site wetlands and filtered carefully before being used once again.

Integrated Pest Management

In addition to water and energy management, we focus on pesticide reduction and elimination. For the last decade, Rosa Flora has ramped up its investment in Integrated Pest Management systems, with the use of biological pest controls. That is, we use natural pests to fight the bugs we don’t want in our crops. This requires careful monitoring and control by our trained staff. Where pesticides are used, they are tightly contained and bio-friendly. In fact, we will even use soap or water to spray away pests!

Recycling of Containers

Rosa Flora’s focus on careful use of water also affects the shipping and storage of our flowers. We store all of our flowers in pails of specially treated water for each crop. After delivery to the happy customer, we pick up those pails and reuse them again and again. When using dry boxed product, the product arrives in less than optimal shape as well as creating more landfill. Join us in a greener way to grow by purchasing flowers in Rosa Flora pails.

Rosa Flora's owners: Arielle DeBoer & Ralph DeBoer


Established in 1978 by Otto and Corine Bulk, Rosa Flora first grew only fresh cut hybrid tea roses. Demand grew due to our attention to outstanding quality and prompt service, partnered with honest business practices. Today, our expert team now grows large gerbera, mini gerbera, snapdragons, lisianthus, and stephanotis under millions of square feet of high-tech greenhouses. While the business has passed from one generation to the next, as family and business partners, we remain committed to the Christian business practices that have made us the largest greenhouse cut flower operation in Canada today.

This history is echoed and amplified in our mission: We are devoted to the glory of God in growing the highest quality fresh cut flowers and ensuring the utmost level of satisfaction for our customers, attainable with the teamwork of our dedicated staff.

Flower Care

We pack it your way

We deliver all over Canada and the United States.

Key to the optimal vase life for our flowers is storage and shipping in treated water in 6.5 gallon (24.5 litre) or 5.5 gallon (20.8 litre) pails. Hydration from harvest to delivery in treated water gives the longest vase life possible for all of our flowers.

Each of our products are bunched and wrapped so as to protect and ensure the longest vase life possible and minimize damage from handling and delivery.

We also offer a wide range of alternate shipping options, including boxed wetpack and drypack. Please see the graphic for dimensions, approximate weights, and shipping quantities for each of the box sizes. If you have questions, please contact your sales representative.

From harvest to shipping, all our flowers are stored in a 35,000 ft2 cooler attached to a 15 bay loading dock.

All our product is shipped in refrigerated trucks right to your door, and unloaded by hand by our trained drivers.

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We are devoted to the glory of God in growing the highest quality fresh cut flowers and ensuring the utmost level of satisfaction for our customers, attainable with the teamwork of our dedicated staff.